Lover of history, teacher of children, seeking humanity in America’s heroes.

John Adams, Chatterbox

Apparently, John Adams never shut up. He was awkward and excitable, and according to McCullough, he envied George Washington who was always cool, calm, and collected–and who was able to maintain an air of mystery in even the most challenging times. I’m surprised to learn that John Adams, at his very core, was an ambitiousContinue reading “John Adams, Chatterbox”

First, Number Two

George Washington is on back order, and I’m impatient, so as much as it bothers me, I’m starting with number two, John Adams. I’m reading John Adams, by David McCullough. McCullough is an interesting figure in his own right. He’s a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and noted historian. When we begin a new unit, IContinue reading “First, Number Two”

Nerd Alert

I’m a lot of things, but most importantly, I’m a teacher. And because I teach, I have to learn. All the time. I love my job, and while I teach every subject, I particularly value and enjoy our time learning about history. History isn’t considered a “core” subject, but it is, in fact, I believe,Continue reading “Nerd Alert”

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