Lover of history, teacher of children, seeking humanity in America’s heroes.

A Distant People Who Never Offended Him

A lot of folks don’t know that Thomas Jefferson condemned the institution of slavery in his first draft of the Declaration of Independence. He blamed King George for the continuing atrocities committed against enslaved Africans, perpetuated not by the British, but by American settlers—famously including Thomas Jefferson himself. He wrote of the King, “He hasContinue reading “A Distant People Who Never Offended Him”

A Glimmer of Humanity

As I’ve said before, I think it’s important to teach children about historical figures objectively (with a few obvious exceptions–Hitler comes to mind), so that their actions speak for themselves and students decide for themselves who is and is not worth admiring. I don’t teach them about America’s heroes and villains; I teach them aboutContinue reading “A Glimmer of Humanity”

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