Lover of history, teacher of children, seeking humanity in America’s heroes.

Precarious Beginnings

Joseph Ellis begins his biography by explaining that information about George Washington’s youth is scarce; we have very little insight into his childhood and adolescence. Not much is known about his relationships with his parents. Washington rarely mentioned is father in his writings, and was seemingly estranged from his mother in his later years. HeContinue reading “Precarious Beginnings”

His Excellency

Next up, George Washington! I know, I know, we’re going back in time–just this once! I’ll continue my journey with Joseph J. Ellis’s His Excellency. I like to think I already know a lot about Washington–both his politics and his personal life, but of course, there is always more to learn. Ellis is a renownedContinue reading “His Excellency”

With Love and Mercy

John Adams died of old age on July 4, 1826; on that same day, his dear friend and colleague, Thomas Jefferson, also passed. Many took their simultaneous deaths on Independence Day as a sign of God’s good favor. It’s difficult to imagine any God looking down upon Thomas Jefferson with any sort of good will.Continue reading “With Love and Mercy”

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